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    专业品质  引领分离纯化科技

    Professional quality, leading separating and purifying technology

    专业品质  引领分离纯化科技

    Professional quality, leading separating and purifying technology

    Performance Features of chromatography separation and purification equipment in CPC, CPL, CPP, CPS Series

    首页    新闻资讯    Performance Features of chromatography separation and purification equipment in CPC, CPL, CPP, CPS Series

    Malston offer complete technology and system in separation and purification engineering. In chromatography technology, we cooperated with many well-known universities and scientific research institutions, and won important technological achievements. In recent years, we offer clients more than three thousands of low pressure chromatography columns and equipment. With excellent technology and stable feature, our equipment make new achievement for chromatography purification engineering.

    Malston has independent intellectual property rights of industrial chromatography columns in CPC, CPL, CPP, CPS. It has good characteristics of high precision separation, good selectivity, continuous flow, stable operation and easy maintenance. It is central equipment for active principle separation and purification in herbal, chemical synthetic drugs and bio activator.

    1. High purification: widely used in chemical compound and bio activators, and let different components in solvent purified effective. It is the aim of purification.

    2. High equipment effect: solvent resistance, different solvents can be used. Purification effects can not be influenced by change of solvents system. To choose high polarity solvent can improve equipment effects of compounds, and increase purification effects.

    3. Be easy for lineal enlarge in previous technical basis, and shorten purification time of products, increase production efficiency.

    4. High resolution and purity quotient is achieved in 99%, which let samples have high active pick-up rate.

    5.Install different mediums packing. It can let unit volume of packing reach high combining and significant adsorption.

    6. It can install different structures of liquor distribution. It can let sample solution evenly distribute  packing into the full cross-section of the column.

    7. Made in stainless steel, high mechanical strength, good corrosive, long life use. Inner wall of column is polished in high precision, smooth and even, no dead angel in sanitation, meets with GMP and FDA requirements. Because high precision of surface treatment, it can reduce channeling phenomenon of inner wall and uneven of adherence packing, and reduce column wall widening.

    8. Pretreatment can optimize series or parallel connections of chromatography columns. To use different technical piping can meet different applications can reach continuous sampling, continuous collection and reduce operation cost.

    9. It is used in paclitaxel,  flavonoids,  alkaloids, insulin, natural pigments, tea polyphenols, Ginkgo flavones, flavonoids from bamboo leaves, peptides, vitamin E, monoclonal antibodies and polysaccharides etc.


    We offer design, equipment manufacturing, accessory equipment, installation and commissioning of technical piping for distribution and purification workshops, and turn-key engineering service.


    Source from: Malston (Beijing) Technologuy Co., Ltd.

    2017年12月19日 11:57