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    专业品质  引领分离纯化科技

    Professional quality, leading separating and purifying technology

    专业品质  引领分离纯化科技

    Professional quality, leading separating and purifying technology

    Technical Innovation of Chromatography Columns’ Liquid Distributor

    首页    新闻资讯    Technical Innovation of Chromatography Columns’ Liquid Distributor

    Liquid distributor is one of key parts of liquid chromatography column, installed in liquid distribution device that is on top of chromatography column’s packing. At work, it can even distribution the liquor on surface of packing to make initial liquor distribution, and keep column chromatography high performance stable work.

    Structure of liquid distributor can influence mass transfer efficiency of packing, and operation flexibility of packing. If liquor in packing does not flow as plug flow, it will make liquor distributed evenly and let liquor in packing be bias current or channeling phenomenon. In the condition of medium and low pressure flow, eluent can break packing up, and let liquor uneven, and make efficiency of column chromatography decrease.

    With repeated test to revise and improve techniques of liquid distributor,  liquid chromatographic column made by Malston is good for distribution stable of liquid distributor. CFD liquid distributor of chromatography column is processed by CNC, CNC milling machine, CNC drilling machine. With the characteristics of reasonable structure, good strength, corrosion resisting, no dead space and easy cleaning, liquid distributor can fit with works common pressure, high or medium pressure, vacuum or nitrogen of industrial liquor chromatography column in different pressures, diameters and height.

    According to different technical requirements and different packing , structure of liquid distribution is decided by density of liquid distribution hole and flow of solution. CFD liquid distribution is connected with head of column to keep all liquid distribution holes in same horizontal level, thus it can make liquid level even and reduce scaling effect with uneven distribution, and let solution pour into the column and keep even distribution, then solution can flow to packing, so that it can fulfil effect of packing.


    Accessories in liquid distributor can do back flushing to packing except it can let solution distributed even.


    From: Malston (Beijing) technology Co., Ltd.

    2017年12月19日 11:23